Customer moments

Sylvia Lucy Walden

  Lavender and chamomile shower bomb  Wow this smells fantastic  and lasted ages and helped me fall asleep after my shower it lasted 15  minutes as I take ages to have a shower 😂😂 Aaron West came in and said why are you melting wax in the bathroom 😂 

Cassie Hood

 amazing products just as good as a well named high street store if not  better and jacqui the owner is an amazing talented lady who deserves all  the success in the world for her products as they are juts brilliant  ,,so to top it off excellent products and such a lovely lovely lady to  deal with x 

Julie Anne Bell

 Fabulous products Which I find better than a well known high street brand. 

Kerrie Davis

  My order arrived this morning and just smells WONDERFUL! Jacqui was so  accommodating with my request and super friendly. Thank you so much once  again x 

Alaina Baldanza

 I have had quite a few items from Bath Moments and they are amazing!!  The bombs are so fizzy!! And have lots of bubbles too!! I just had a  very pink sparkly hidden treasure bomb, amazing and I'm so glittery!! 

Leigh Brown

 So I've just tried the strawberry heaven bath melt and what can I say but W�W!   The scent is absolutely gorgeous (my bathroom still smells lovely) and my skin feels, looks and smells divine.  I'm usually extremely sensitive to anything and everything but having been recommended by a friend I'm so glad I did!   10 ����'s and a customer for life right here for Bath moments! xxx  

customer moments

Dolly Gibson

 I absolutely love bath moments.
Amazing fragrances to match the products.
A lot of love and care goes into all the products I've seen and received and it shows. 

Alice Brown

 Fantastic products, well packaged, lots of yummy smells to choose from  and even something for children. My whole family is addicted! Well worth  the money 

Kira Marie Cull

 I've bought for myself and my boys, we love the the colours and the way they make our skin feel. 5* always. 

Cheryl Hindley

 I've bought many bath bombs before and never have they bubbled like your  bath bombs do, Shannon loves them � it makes bath time so much more  enjoyable � I love the smell of them, they make my skin so soft. I love  watching them disperse in the bath with eruption of beautiful colours �  they are better than the leading brands sold on the high street. The  added bonus are those for children with a hidden treat inside �  thank-you xx I will definitely be buying more �� 

Tanya Jane White

 Good evening lovely bathaholics 🛀
Review on shower bombs Peppermint aka wake up n boogie😎
 I absolutely love this scent I put my shower on closed the door and  let's it steam out my room before entering again and my god did my room  smell lush I jump in the shower and had a longer one than usual to get  full effects from the bomb, the bomb is very refreshing and also helped  as I had a few sniffles it lasted the length of my very long shower ☝️ better get stocked up mrs as zach wants some now xx

Lavender aka relax n chill 🌚🛁🛌  It's no secret I'm not too keen on lavender however I'm just feeling  very nice clean and chilled after my shower again it lasted a long time  not as long as the peppermint one maybe I had my shower hotter this  evening but it still lasted the duration of my shower again to my  surprise I'm going to get more of these too my lovely favourite crafty  mrs Jax xx

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